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Hocus Pocus Reverse Osmosis: Water Filters

Living in Las Vegas where hard water and unwanted minerals play havoc on households can really be a pain. Luckily like magic, reverse osmosis purifies water by removing filth and dirt by filtering through a semipermeable membrane that treats your water on a molecular level. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are more complex than the average water filtration system, and in turn, produce excellent water purity. This technique is so effective that it is used to purify seawater!

So what makes a reverse osmosis filtration system different from the average water filter? Reverse Osmosis filters are capable of purifying minerals that are already dissolved into your water. Other filtration systems however do not remove dissolved contaminants. Regular filters only catch things like particles and chlorine.

Reverse osmosis filters are great for families looking to combat water that simply tastes bad. It also keeps your appliances and family safe by reducing the amount of chemicals and minerals that find their way into your home. These systems are relatively affordable and durable, especially when they're install by Oasis Plumbing, your trusted local Las Vegas Plumber.

In conclusion, the type of water filtration system that you have installed in your home makes a big difference. Feel free to contact our team of professionals for any tips or questions in regards to your next plumbing project. 702-852-2772 or

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