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water conditioner

The Defender

The Defender

Professional Water Conditioner

Designed For Las Vegas

The Defender is our flagship water softener/ water conditioner at a price point that can't be ignored.  This unit will handle with ease up to 6 people.  Locally built and designed, it will rid you of all the local hard water concerns.  Extremely efficient salt use age, Platinum level resin, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Professional level install.... At half the price of many competitors!  Need we say more?  Call today for a free in home consultation.  Ask us about pairing one of our many Reverse Osmosis Systems for a complete solution.

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made in america

     A quality water softener from Oasis Plumbing is a practical, cost effective way to ensure quality soft water in your Las Vegas area home. A home is a costly investment! Hard water can destroy your faucets, fixtures, and water-using appliances. Protect your investment with a water softener today! 

     Water softening systems from Oasis Plumbing are designed to provide the most pure, clean, soft water for many years to come. We offer a full line of high quality water softeners to fit your needs. We select the most advanced electronically controlled products available, and offer solutions for all of our Las Vegas customers' needs. 

      When considering a water softening system, it is important to use a reliable, licensed contractor who understands what works in the Las Vegas Valley and who will treat your plumbing system with care. As a licensed contractor, we will ensure your install is up to code. From drains, to properly sized valves, it will all be done properly the first time. 

      Las Vegas is known for its very hard water with significant chlorine levels, which can create several problems for conventional systems because they use inferior resins. The resins that are typically used in these systems deteriorate quickly when operating in severe climates and conditions. Oasis Plumbing provides our customers with the most advanced state-of-the-art water treatment systems. We use commercial grade, high cross link resins in all our water softeners that outperform and outlast the competition’s. Our valves feature the latest advances in design, reliability, and performance. We use 1 inch fully-ported valves, resulting in increased flow and water volume. With Oasis Plumbing, the choice is clear!

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