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Water Softener Las Vegas

water softener las vegas saves applicances from hard water
Water softeners from Oasis Plumbing help save Las Vegas homeowners and their appliances.

Hard water is a lot like pollution in that it is harmful yet hard to notice. In Las Vegas, our soil is full of minerals due to the dry climate. These minerals are absorbed into the water and run through our pipes, appliances and bodies! Over time, hard water can completely wreck appliances and leave your cups, glasses, faucets, and anything else that comes in contact with water, with mineral decay and corrosion.

To avoid paying hefty repair bills and having to look at ugly build up, install a water softener. Water Softeners are simple, clean and will save you thousands over their lifespan. Water softeners practically pay for themselves by protecting your investments and keeping your family safe.

Oasis Plumbing has installed thousands of water softeners in Las Vegas and across the country. We stand by our products and place our logo on every product and project that we install. If you would like to have us review your appliances and pipes, we would be happy to do a consultation to see how a water softener could help protect your investments and family.

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