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Water Softener Repair Las Vegas

Water softeners like every other device and machine with moving parts, require some love and attention. Frequent maintenance is crucial for protecting your water softener, filter and home from leaks, build up and hard water, but how do you know when your water softener system is going bad? Here are a few key indicators that you may need to hire a plumbing specialist like Oasis Plumbing to save the day.

1) If your water softener is either broken or ineffective, you will notice hard water stains and build up on your glassware, in your shower, and on your faucets.

2) You will feel the difference. If you have ever had soft water running through your home, you will feel a noticeable difference on your skin as hard water is much more irritating.

3) Your quality of water will be subpar compared to what you were use to.

4) Your appliances will begin to run less efficiently and corrosion will slowly build up.

5) You will experience a decrease in water pressure.

To avoid damaging your home, appliances or family, contact your local Las Vegas master plumber to make sure that your water softener is properly repaired or replaced. This is a task that you will definitely want a professional to assist with due to the variety of causes that could have affected your system. Oasis Plumbing will help you determine which water softener or filtration system is correct for your home, water usage and household size.

On top of picking out the right filter, Oasis Plumbing will help install and instruct on how to properly maintain your system to avoid hard water and future leaks, because the last thing that you would like to see is your floor flooded with 60 gallons of water from a poorly installed or maintained water softener system.

Call Oasis Plumbing today to repair and install the best water softeners designed for Las Vegas!

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